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At Globalallegiance, we are inspired by a shared vision and
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How Does Happiness Coaching Work?

It's a very powerful partnership in which a coach and a client create a process together, to support the client in maximizing their potential in one or more areas of his or her life to live a more fulfilling and happy life.

In my coaching sessions I incorporate the philosophy and approach to happiness from the science of happiness which is a field of study dedicated to research what makes us truly and authentically happy, what are the things that actually have an impact on our happiness and how can we create more of it, in order to improve our work and personal life.

Let me help you gain the confidence you need to break away from self-sabotage and patterns that support you to live in a fulfilled way and learn how to be content and fulfilled in the present moment in spite of how hard your current circumstances may seem today.

Session Outline

Our Initial Coaching is divided in 10 sessions the first one is pro bono where we will learn to get to know each other and the rest of them are based on HAPPINESS as mentioned below. There is no guarantee that within these nine sessions (variable) you will get the desired results but surely you will be motivated enough to attract all the hash tag words like abundance, success, manifestation, exponential growth and more….because you decided to take that first step to make Happiness your daily decision.

Once you have made the decision A pre session reflection sheet and agreement will be sent out to you , which you will fill out and send back to us with dates and availabilities .

Cost of each session is USD xxx