“Fortitudine Vincimus”

By Endurance We Conquer

Achieving goals and inner peace in a life of turmoil requires diligent effort. "Creating a Life That Matters" is the key principle of my life. I believe that in order to get where one wants to be, one has to prioritize what one envisions. The intention, hard work, perseverance and motivation are the key ingredients to climb the plateau of success towards your lofty goals. No triumph can be attained without it. 20 plus years of successful entrepreneurial and management experience. Result oriented leadership skills with a strong track record of performance in the volte-face and advancement of business and self development as a Mentor andCorporate Executive(Happiness) Coach specializing in hospitality and alternate energy sector. I believe in leading by example.


Global Allegiance (Canada and Pakistan)
CEO / Certified Coach and Mentor.
We, at Global Outreach division are committed to the spreading of knowledge towards Pakistan’s SME sector, economic growth and job creation, by focusing on the human capital. It accumulates experiences of its global advisory and managing teams in carrying out global, regional and national initiatives in training human capital, building capacities that incorporate in part information and communications technology, 21st century skills and entrepreneurship, in public and private settings.

Limelite Café and Restaurant( Vaughan, Canada)
President / Owner.
Carried on the same concept that was developed in Dubai. Very successful sports bar business model, leveraged relationships with multi national and corporate organizations by catering for their private events. Managed and operated the 100 seat restaurant, which is gaining immense popularity amongst the Gen-X and Millennials.

Certified TESL teacher from ACCREDITAT Scotland, United Kingdom 2014-Present
We aim to provide English Language Teaching skills. The program expands and deepens teachers’ knowledge and practical skills needed to teach ESL.

Bayview Country Estates Ratepayer’s Association (Canada)
2012 to 2013 Vice President
2013 – 2017 President
Making sure the community is safe and secure.

Certified corporate make up artist
Canadian Beauty College and Delamar Academy of Makeup in UK
2013 – 2017 President
Personal grooming for the corporate and business sector.

Environ Petrochem (Ontario, Canada, Chicago, Illinois USA)
CEO North America
Business development strategies globally for environment friendly byproducts of petroleum for the North American, Middle Eastern and North African region which are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. (www.environpetrochem.com) reconstructing the website

Leader Petrochem (Chicago, Illinois USA)
CEO Middle East (Global Division)
Strategic business development and expansion in byproducts of petroleum and diesel exhaust fluid. Striving for excellence and leadership in every aspect of our business, which provides solutions for transport industry.

Limelite Cafe (Dubai, UAE)
CEO/Managing Director
Designed and developed concept and was awarded as one of the best restaurants on ShaikhZayed Road by renowned local newspapers and magazines. Visited byfamous celebrities. Imperatively keeping up with public relations and formalizing events on the premises for Multi National Companies and private high profile events.

Cafe Gelato Affair (Pakistan)
Proprietress From conception to implementation of the complete design, recipes and marketing with franchising outlets all over Pakistan.