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At Globalallegiance, we are inspired by a shared vision and
mission to save and improve lives.


Sometimes going through a career transition means transitioning into self-employment! Taking the leap from employee to sole proprietor or business owner can be daunting, but with a coach to keep you on track you will be in control of your work-life balance in no time!
In order to launch your business you need to consider a variety of aspects: target niche, marketing & advertising, finances, and not to mention your mindset.
80% of life is just showing up, and the other 20% is following up. By showing up for business coaching you can grow your side hustle into your main hustle and navigate this career transition with clarity.

What is Brand Image?

A brand Image is the perception of the brand in the mind of the customer. It is cumulative beliefs, ideas, and impressions that a customer holds regarding the brand that he or she wants the end consumer to recognize.
A brand can be perceived differently by different customers. Hence, the formation of a consistent brand image is a challenge

Importance of Brand Image

Every Company strives to build a strong image as it helps in fulfilling their business motives. A strong brand image has following advantages –

  • More profits as new customers are attracted towards the brand.
  • Easy to introduce new products under the same brand.
  • Boosts the confidence of existing customers. Helps in retaining them.
  • Better Business-Customer relationship.

How Can GA Assist In taking Your Brand To The Next Level?

Business spends most of their time, effort, and resources in building their brand identity. They decide how their brand will look, how should the customer feel when they contact with the brand, where should the brand be located in consumers’ mind (Brand positioning), and other associations. This all, when summed up, gives rise to a brand personality which eventually gives rise to the brand image when the customer interacts with this brand.

How Does it Work?

It is designed to help facilitate professional and personal development. We partner with you to identify and define individual growth to improve performances by building confidence. Our long history of working with tradies on finances and operations allows us to identify common issues and create processes to solve these problems and strategies to scale and grow the business. Business coaching will set you up for success through deciphering who you are, what you are about, and how you will impact the world with your new-found service based business.

Define direction
in your business
Uncover values
and purpose
Clarify project
plans and priorities
Set SMARRT goals
for your success

Foster mindset shifts
& self-motivation
Overcome obstacles,
gremlins and fears
Build confidence in
your decision-making
Build work-life

Let's Make Happiness Your Daily Decision

The happiest people today are not the married ones. They're not the single ones. They're not the ones with stable careers and good incomes. The happiest people are the ones who made a choice to love themselves wholly and truly. People who chose to leave the past behind, worked on their self-esteem and put a high price tag on their self-esteem.

They stopped playing victims. They stopped whining in self-pity and dining in pity parties. They moved past their anger, tears and bitterness. They realized that happiness is a personal choice and responsibility. They chose to be defined by their present, but not their bitter pasts.

They are happy because they don't need validation from anyone. They are happy because they know that they don't need to throw shade on anyone for them to shine. They are happy because they chose to be so. Let’s make Happiness our daily decision.

How Does Happiness Coaching Work?

It's a very powerful partnership in which a coach and a client create a process together, to support the client in maximizing their potential in one or more areas of his or her life to live a more fulfilling and happy life.

In my coaching sessions I incorporate the philosophy and approach to happiness from the science of happiness which is a field of study dedicated to research what makes us truly and authentically happy, what are the things that actually have an impact on our happiness and how can we create more of it, in order to improve our work and personal life.

Let me help you gain the confidence you need to break away from self-sabotage and patterns that support you to live in a fulfilled way and learn how to be content and fulfilled in the present moment in spite of how hard your current circumstances may seem today.

Session Outline

Our Initial Coaching is divided in 10 sessions the first one is pro bono where we will learn to get to know each other and the rest of them are based on HAPPINESS as mentioned below. There is no guarantee that within these nine sessions (variable) you will get the desired results but surely you will be motivated enough to attract all the hash tag words like abundance, success, manifestation, exponential growth and more….because you decided to take that first step to make Happiness your daily decision.

Once you have made the decision A pre session reflection sheet and agreement will be sent out to you , which you will fill out and send back to us with dates and availabilities .