Inventing for Life

At Globalallegiance, we are inspired by a shared vision and
mission to save and improve lives.

Global Outreach Division

Our Global Outreach division is committed to the spreading of knowledge towards Pakistan’s SME sector, economic growth and job creation, by focusing on the human capital. It accumulates experiences of its global advisory and managing teams in carrying out global, regional and national initiatives in training human capital, building capacities that incorporate in part information and communications technology, 21st century skills and entrepreneurship, in public and private settings.

Our CEO is the Co-Chair for Canada Pakistan Business Council (CPBC) Global Outreach Division. Promoting trade and commerce between Canada, Pakistan, and other global markets by fostering connections among the public and private sectors. CPBC’s work has had a direct impact on the trade level between Canada and Pakistan crossing the $1 Billion mark and is maintaining that growth. Moreover, our Global Outreach division facilitates bilateral trade inititatives across MENA Region, North America and Turkey.